Welcome to Indra Micro Enterprises

Indra Micro Enterprises is typically a Social Business for Empowering Rural Women in Nepal though various Micro Enterprises in Nepal. Through Indra Micro Enterprises, we aim to connect village based rural women entrepreneurs to larger market platform, providing them the opportunities to grow their Micro Enterprises business for their socio-economic development. It is our aim to transform sustainable community development via small enterprises development in Nepal.

Buy our Products:

Indra Micro Enterprises bring all of its products directly buying from village based micro entrepreneurs, who are engaged in micro enterprise businesses in village locally. So, buying our products you will be helping those women micro- entrepreneurs self-sustainable in their small business.

      Organic Tea 

       Mountain Honey 

       Dhaka Clothing

      Handicrafts & Souvenir 

What we do to Help Women

Enterprise Development

Indra Micro Enterprises has been working in the field of Micro Enterprise Development in Nepal, collaborating with various … Read More 

Training Programs

Indra Micro Enterprises provides local women group to participate into various training programs to help them  …  Read More

Projects Funding

Once we prepare the base for Micro Enterprises Development then we work ahead for financing the Micro Business Programs … Read More

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