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Indra Micro Enterprises is typically a Social Business for Empowering Rural Women in Nepal though various Micro Enterprises in Nepal. Through Indra Micro Enterprises, we aim to connect village based rural women entrepreneurs to larger market platform, providing them the opportunities to grow their Micro Enterprises business for their socio-economic development. It is our aim to transform sustainable community development via micro enterprises development in Nepal.

Indra Micro Enterprises is a social – Business Company which focuses its work on strengthening the livelihoods of village based rural women group through various Micro – entrepreneurship development programs. We support and encourage local women group to run various micro-enterprises to transform their economic self – sufficiency; providing them opportunities of Microfinance, Entrepreneurship Skills, Marketing opportunities of their products and outreach programs at community level.

Indra Micro Enterprises work together with various stake holders to improve the livelihoods of rural women group to promote their micro- enterprises products to various marketing platforms such as retail outlet shop and online marketing of the products. We hope that, our initiatives will help the women group in rural villages to develop Micro entrepreneurship and become financially self-sustainable.


  • To empower rural women group through various Micro – Enterprises development opportunity for socio-economic development and self-sustainability.
  • To help promoting micro-enterprises products through various marketing channels like, wholesale retail shop outlet and online marketing.
  • Enhance Micro – entrepreneurship development skills by providing various capacity building training.
  • Encourage local women group for income generation program by providing them Microfinance opportunities and help them to become Micro-entrepreneurs.
  • To promote self- sustainable business model for empowering rural women group and marginalized communities in Nepal.

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